About Tricia

Hailing from upstate New York, Tricia came to Wilmington in 2002 to study at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where her love affair with Southeastern North Carolina began. After graduation she travelled around the world and moved to New York, but the call of Wilmington was strong and brought her back for good.

In her travels, Tricia’s favorite experience was establishing relationships with people of many cultures. Witnessing varying levels of affluence and poverty she developed a better understanding of what it meant to have a home. She knew when she chose a career it had to be in an industry where she could interact with a variety of people and help them build a life in a home of their own.

Tricia’s other passion lies in her deep respect and love for the ocean. In 2009 she and her mother started an education and outreach program called Plastic Ocean Project and three years later became a non-profit. Through their non-profit they perform research on plastics accumulating in our oceans, do education through outreach and are working with industry to find solutions to the plastic problem. She is glad to have landed in a community that is full of people who share her drive to clean up our oceans and create an environment that can be enjoyed by many future generations.

Apart from travel and the ocean, Tricia loves to read and hear personal stories. Whether reading or listening; she wants to know what is important to each person. In choosing real estate she wants to learn her clients’ stories and help them make the first step into the next chapter of their lives.

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